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Thread: Watching the Warriors on HULU one week free trial!

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    Watching the Warriors on HULU one week free trial!

    Watching the Warriors on HULU 1 week free trial! I cut my cable in 2010 and haven't looked back but this is the Finals! After the free trial it would go up to $39.99/month... ouch!

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    A great game by both teams... Of course I'm rooting for the home team but I respect the good plays by King James & Co. (When I was younger I hated it when opponents scored points.)

    The Spurs? Boo! Over the past few seasons they have put too many opponents on the DL due to their overly-agressive playing.

    And the OKC fans for booing Durant for signing on with the Warriors...? KD took a cut in pay to switch teams, just to have a chance at getting a championship ring.

    As for Game 1 although J.R. Smith was blamed for the Cavs' loss I agree with his point that coach Tyronn Lue should have called a timeout as he had no shot with KD between him and the basket as seen in this video...

    I must say that streaming video on a mobile device has sure improved over the years. I really enjoyed watching the game on my 8" ASUS ZenDrive... my eyes don't focus very well watching TV across the room or even a few feet away.

    I have to say that nothing beats basketball and soccer for live action... baseball is downright boring and U.S. football is broken up into plays.

    Steve A

    P.S. Steph Curry had nine 3-pointers, setting the all-time record for Finals. Woo hoo!

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