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Thread: EMG David Gilmour mystery setup

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    EMG David Gilmour mystery setup

    I picked up this partscaster (warmoth neck and body) with EMG pickups with what I assume are early SPC and EXG modules (no slide on quick connect terminals), which would be the David Gilmour setup, but also a push pull switch on the volume knob. The switch either doesn't work or doesn't do anything. I can't find any DG wiring diagrams that include a switch. I am trying to figure out what pickups are in this. The current DG setup uses all EMG-SA pickups but for these the bridge pickup definitely looks different from the others. Have googled BAN, HIF, HHI, H1F, HH1, etc, to see what the middle and neck pickups are but haven't found anything. All pickup covers look just like the current EMG-SA pickups.

    Anyone know what pickups these might be, and also any clue what the switch might be for? I forgot to trace out the connections before I put it back together.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    better picture of the pickups that have labels.
    Click image for larger version. 

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