Hi All, not exactly an electronics question, maybe wrong second of the blog. But, having trouble setting up a AD box. I got a low end Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen. Seems to work fine.

So, if I plug my headphones into the box, I can hear the guitar signal without delay. If I plug my headphones into the computer, the signal comes back with a huge delay. So, I setup Audacity software so that I record the AD box signal, but listen to the live guitar through the box itself, so I hear no delay. So far so good. I can play and record, and play back.

Next, I setup Audacity to record a second track. I listen to both the signal playing from the first track, and the live signal from the Solo box. The problem is that the signal for the second track goes in delayed (as expected, I guess). So, the result is two tracks, where the second track is badly delayed from the first. It sounds awful when I play the resulting 2 tracks.

Trying a 3rd is nearly impossible, it sound like a bad echo chamber. Every track is off from each other. Would make a nice random noise generator.

I tried it on a couple of computers, must be doing something wrong. People must do this, record multiple tracks on their computer?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

If I can't get this to work, there are a bunch of older ( about 10 year old ) DAW workstations, 4 or 8 track, in the < $300.00 range, but I hate to have another piece of equipment packed into my already overloaded tiny office space.