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Thread: Dunlop TS-1 / MXR 159 Stereo Tremolo Trimpot Questions ...

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    Dunlop TS-1 / MXR 159 Stereo Tremolo Trimpot Questions ...

    Hello All,

    I've got a MXR 159 Stereo Tremolo that I really like the sound of. Most of you know its based off the Dunlop TS-1, but with true stereo inputs and a smaller enclosure. It's works great for my set-up because I output a stereo (acoustic and electric) signal from my guitar and the panning effects in the 159 give me some pretty big sounds.

    However, I had gotten a used unit and my pedal had a pretty severe volume drop-off. The circuit board looks clean, and I did find 2 gain trimpots for the mono/stereo channels that let me even everything out.

    But, I did find 2 other trimpots marked "offset adj." for the mono and stereo channel. However, I can't seem to figure out what these do? I've tried every conceivable set up (mono, mono-to-stereo, full stereo, etc.), and can't detect a hint of a change. My next step is to use a tone generator and record the waveform into my DAW, but as I said, I can't hear any difference.

    I wanted to ask if anyone here had any experience with the MXR 159 or the Dunlop TS-1, and see if you had any ideas.


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    Posting the schematic will help a lot

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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