Hi are there are any Supro Royal Reverb (1650RT) users /owners out there that can tell me if I can use it as a head.
Example: I have a 44watt Valvetone Head, that I would like to connect to the 2x10" speakers inside the Royal Reverb?

To clarfiy: I'm not asking if the Supro combo can be permanently modified to act as a cabinet, but instead - can a head be plugged directly to the speakers without any modifications made to either the combo or the head.
As I would like to interchange and use the built in Supro combo head sometimes, and sometimes use the external/3rd party head.

I had a hot rod deluxe that I could detach the head chord from and run a head direct to the speaker (it was only a 1 speaker though so I don't know if that is just fundamentally easier...?)