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Thread: Kustom tube amp "kits" on Ebay

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    Kustom tube amp "kits" on Ebay

    Was looking for some parts for my Kustom Defender V100 that I am working on (got it as a chassis fixer on Ebay last year) and I see that someone is selling a bunch of parted out Double Cross and 72 Coupe amps pretty cheap on Ebay. I like my Defender, the Coupe looks pretty similar. Mine has tons of features (2 channel w/bright switch for each, Reverb with tone adj, Vibrato, and Tremolo), boost, speaker emulated line out, etc. I would do the Double Cross if I was looking for a metal amp, but that isn't my gig and I have too many amps already. The transformers are really cheap too.

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