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Thread: Started project with Vai's engineer - first track finished

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    Started project with Vai's engineer - first track finished

    Steve's engineer for the past decade got his hands on some of my self-produced/engineered tracks and did a MUCH better job of mixing/mastering than I did, myself. Here's the first track of the project; there are about 6 more behind it. I'm in no way affiliated with any artists/labels - I'm not a guitar virtuoso and I do not play or write anywhere near Steve's level. It's just not what I am capable of or want to strive for. I was fortunate enough to have this cat find my music while he was decompressing from a year long project with Steve. He told me he needed something straight forward to work on, bc being in the studio with Steve for 12 months is insane; the sorts of things Steve has him do is bizarre lol. I guess this project serves as an auditory palate cleanser.

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    Sounds good.

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