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Thread: Simms Watt 100w Head

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTH View Post
    I put a choke in one of mine and I’d recommend anyone doing this - I just prefer the feel.
    HTH what do you mean by "I just prefer the feel", do you mean it changes the sound somehow?

    I have these options:


    Auch! I found 3 cold solders that were apparently causing all the clicks and noises.
    I fixed those and the amp now runs smoothly \O/

    I'm very close now with this beast, I'm planning to check the BIAS again to get a good level.

    Thanks guys!

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    A few hours ago I decided to jumper (?) the channels. So guitar to Normal channel 1, and then cable from Normal channel 2 to Brilliant channel 2. And it worked just fine, both channels on. I put a reverb pedal in the short cable and it sounded really nice. I played for 20 minutes and switched off with no problems.

    Now I turned on the amp and the small pilot light bulb blinked a couple of times and no power on. I'm about to open it again...

    But does this ring any bells? Would this channel jumpering be the cause?

    Fuses are ok.

    When I try measure between ground and the terminal of the mains switch I don't get any reading.


    Apparently the problem was a jumper that is located in the main transformer. It wasn't making good contact. After cleaning it the contact is ok and the mains seem to work.
    The amp is now playing with me, had to take the chassis two times, first time only to discover that the problem was the power cable, now this.

    By the way, the jumper is now at 200, there is another position for 240. Europe is 220, does it make any difference having it a 200 or 240?

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