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Thread: Not "my" band but I like them, and don't know where else to post

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    Not "my" band but I like them, and don't know where else to post

    Yep, they sound just like Led Zeppelin

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    I liked them the first time I heard them. They get some love here in the PNW. They were scheduled at the Pramount in Seattle on the 7'th and 8'th. I didn't have tickets. I don't go to many shows though, really, unless I'm supporting local talent or people I already know. But I was aware that they would be here and even let it cross my mind to attend.

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    look at the handles installed on that sunn 200s cab.

    Yep, those things just had one strap handle on the side and that's it. Not an easy cab to deal with. Sounds great though

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    The vocal is really something.
    I like this one too.
    "Safari Song"

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