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Thread: Effects Loop Marshall CODE25 and Marshall CODE50

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    Effects Loop Marshall CODE25 and Marshall CODE50

    Hi everyone.

    I need to add an effects loop to both a Marshall CODE25 and a Marshall CODE50. Unfortunately: I do not have any documentation and cannot obtain the same i.e. I have tried numerous avenues but, again, no luck. Marshall will not part with them "for love nor money" and neither will any Marshall Service Centre. The best I can provide are some pics. of the boards (dunno if that will help).

    All I'm really wanting to try is to splice into the connection between the PRE AMP output and the POWER AMP input with send and return jacks. I'm not trying to (or wanting to) add an effects loop board with buffering and level control or anything like that i.e. if this simple splicing doesn't work well then so be it but I'd really like to try anyway.

    The Marshall CODE100/CODE100H does indeed have a factory effects loop and I've also been trying to obtain pics. of the inside of one of these but AGAIN no luck. The reason I want pics. of the inside of THESE amps. is because the design of the entire range is all but identical i.e. it seems as though it's only the physical layout of the control panels and boards that differs. In addition: they all use the identical firmware. The only other thing I can tell you is that I know for a fact that the factory effects loop in the CODE100/CODE100H is DISABLED by the headphone out/line out socket on these amps. Maybe there's a clue right there.

    I'd really appreciate some help and input on this.

    Looking forward to hearing from someone "in the know".



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