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Thread: (UK) Got a Scarlett interface as a gift - no longer need it. Advice on selling it?

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    (UK) Got a Scarlett interface as a gift - no longer need it. Advice on selling it?

    Hey all! I recently got an amp upgrade (Fender GT200 - good fun!) and was looking to sell my Scarlett interface. However like the title says, I was given it as a gift, so surely any money I get from it would count as income? I'm only concerned as I work self employed in the UK which means I tell HMRC how much I owe instead of my employer doing it (Think this is how it works normally in the US. Could be wrong though - it'd be interesting to find out!). I was wondering if I should be putting the money I'll get from the Scarlett down as income? I've had a poke about this tax calculator to try figure it out but it hasn't helped a great deal soI was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks!

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