When a Mesa Lone Star Combo was sent back here to the shop, I sent it back as it was supposed to be sent to Mesa Hollywood for repair. That had been the normal mode of operation with all of their gear that is resident here in our rental inventory. Belongs to Mesa, and should be returned to their facility for maintenance/repairs. I sure didn't mind that, as their gear tends to be a real PITA to work on.

But, in response to my re-direct on that Lone Star Combo, I was told their tech had moved on, and that at present, there's nobody there at Mesa Hollywood to do the repair work.

If I didn't value my sanity, I might consider it, but.....I love my freedom too much and working on other gear besides theirs.

But, if anyone knows any qualified repair techs that have successful experience with repairing Mesa gear, they should get in touch with Mesa Hollywood. I don't have any contact info....just heard it thru the response to our inquiry on sending their gear to them.