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Thread: Must have components to have stocked for any repair!

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    Must have components to have stocked for any repair!


    In an effort to keep my turnaround times quick, and my clients happy (and myself happy), I want to start a discussion about what you feel is are the essential components to keep stocked in your shop! Are there assortments out there that are right on point for keeping anything you would ever need handy, within reason? Where do you buy in bulk? Who has the best deals for the highest quality components?


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    Please do a search in mostly the Music Electronics section at the top of the menu. We have had MANY MANY discussions on running a shop, and central to that is buying and sourcing parts.

    You will NEVER eliminate the need to order parts. Having a reasonable parts collection on hand depends on what your reasonable repair load might be. You just gonna fix jacks and pots on cheap amps? You gonna "only work on tube amps"? Gonna stick to fender? Gonna take in PA and recording gear too or only guitar amps? You want to cover 75%, 80%, 90% 99% of potential repairs? etc etc.

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