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Thread: Fender FM212R Broken Control Shaft

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    Fender FM212R Broken Control Shaft

    So I get in a Fender FM212R that has a broken Treble control.
    The guy said all that he did was 'bump it with his knee' and the knob & shaft snapped off.

    A little research shows that the control is not available with the snap in legs.
    I found the non snap-in at Mouser and ordered it in.
    Got a new knob from Darren Riley.

    As I am disassembling the chassis to get the PCB out I snap off three other control shafts.
    Now, I have worked on a number of these amps without this issue.

    This poor guy had the same problem:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fender Amp 212r.jpg 
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    So I did some sleuthing and it turns out that the factory controls are a tad oversized for the knobs.
    If you push the knob down too far it really pinches the splined/ split shaft & sets it up for a fatigue failure.

    I used my heatgun to slightly soften the inside of the knobs when I reassembled the chassis to the original style controls.
    That will prevent future reoccurrence's of breakage.
    The non snap-in controls fit the knob fine.

    I wonder how many FM amps are like this?
    Or was it simply a run of oversized/ mis spec'd controls.

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    Think I posted about this years ago.
    Really cheap metal pots, the shafts snapped with just the slightest pressure removing the knobs.

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