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Thread: Fender MIM player series strat tremolo

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    Fender MIM player series strat tremolo

    Wondering by chance if anyone has expierence with, or might have a player series strat to find the stud spacing. Trying to find something to upgrade a MIM strat 6 screw tremolo to a 2 post without filling in holes and redrilling. Basically something you could enlarge the outer 2 mounting holes, install post anchors and have the center line unchanged.

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    Was wondering if you found your answer.
    There are aftermarket stud tremelos available.
    Guitar Fetish sells them, and some on amazon.
    I would think that to be fairly easy to do.
    set the new tremelo in the body and mark the stud holes, and tooth pick the rest.
    **Anyone else have any guidance please jump in!

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    you have to measure the distance between the outer screws,it should be 52.4 on a MIM,an american one is generally 56 and all Wilkinson bridges should fit there.Maybe Callaham has something for mexican ones.

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