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Thread: Heyboer Hy02272, 370-0-370: What can I use this thing for?

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    Heyboer Hy02272, 370-0-370: What can I use this thing for?

    I have a Heyboer Hy022772 OT with the following specs:

    HV is 370-0-370 @.060mA
    6.3v @ 1.5 Amp and 5v @ 2.5 Amp

    I had this in a scratch build 5f1 but the plate voltage was way high. I couldn't bring it down with a bias resistor, so I ended up swapping it out for something close to the spec.

    So, what I use this for?

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    I'd use it in a tweed deluxe, but I'm not to picky about the HT voltages.

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