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Thread: Jukebox renovating suggestions

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    Jukebox renovating suggestions

    Need some help with the renovation of my old jukebox. I decided to paint the rusted parts and make it more similar like my new digital jukebox. But very recently I saw some horrendous renovation works on jukeboxes that can actually ruin your imagination. The art work was good on them but renovating them, ruined it. The paint was applied uniform but when dried out, those didn't stick well and looks like some old stocked up metal box. So I thought to get an expert opinion on this. Would the painting be effective? Another case I have heard is wrapping techniques, How would that cost and compared to each other which one is durable and provide a quality finish?

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    Photos would help.

    Dennis, I have done jukebox repair for many years, but I do the electronics and mechanical, not the cosmetic work There are web sites devoted to jukebox restoration.. There are places that sell good looking reproductions of parts for old boxes..

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