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Thread: Marshall JCM 2000 TSL-100 Pedal issues

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    Marshall JCM 2000 TSL-100 Pedal issues

    "There's NOTHING wrong with the head. It's the foot pedal cable/plug that's screwed up" As stated by the client's 'knowledgable' guitar tech. How often I hear that sort of thing. Now granted, the pedal did have one issue....the FX DPDT alternate action switch was buggered, with the LED below the pedal surface. I did have to remove the switch, and cobble some hardware to press the metal portion of the switch mechanics back together so I could re-flare the four fingers that are flared to keep it from coming undone, which repeated stomping eventually breaks down. Effected a repair, not having a replacement switch on hand, and now it works fine.

    Just in case, not having any quality 6-Pin DIN Male connectors on hand, and the one on this new amps' pedal is a molded plug, I found a Switchcraft 12BL6M for '2-for $10' and bought them, just in case. Before I left for the day yesterday, I found what I expected. Moving the plug while inserted into the PCB mounted female connector was causing lights and relays to change, NOT from flexing the cable holding the plug steady.

    So, pulled this newly purchased TSL 100 amp apart, removed the panel hardware for the rear panel PCB, and saw what I've always seen on that board. Solder fractures on EVERY one of the 6 circuit terminals, though the two ground terminals, being on the edge side of the two screws that hold the connector into the board, those WERE solid. And, the usual failed solder joints elsewhere on the rear panel PCB....the Impedance switch (all 3 connections), several Effects jacks with fractures, though only one of the output phone jacks had fractures. Restored all that and put it back together to check where the plate currents were set, since I had it in the service cradle. Those were close, just a little tweak to even them out.

    The client's 2nd new TSL 100 came in yesterday, and IT had the message on the road case suggesting that THIS amp appears to have a panel connector problem with the pedal, NOT the pedal / cable connector. Well, maybe they're learning.

    Getting THAT chassis out of the second amp WOULD NOT release and slide out the back. Spun the cabinet around, then saw it. The aluminum sheet stapled to the floor of the cabinet had folded upwards at the front left corner, preventing the chassis from coming out.

    So, pried the front up to get past that obstacle, and now, onward to see how back THIS rear panel PCB is.

    1/11/19: Same issues on the rear panel PCB of this second amp. All 8 of the DIN-6 Female PCB connector had fracture rings, all 6 of the Impedance switch had solder fractures, all of the Effects Jack's GND terminals and the Tip terminals of the Send jacks had fractures, as did the XLR male terminals.

    Don't need no stinkin' PCB support brackets....not when you can use all the panel components to support a long horizontal board!

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