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Thread: 1961 Les Paul

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    It's just a guitar!
    Fix it, and play the hell out of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J M Fahey View Post
    You expecting dumbassbob to give a straight answer to a question?
    It took a while but we did get a peek inside that famous Bandmaster. So let's start a cheering squad. Kind of like the frat boys in Animal House:

    pho to! pho to! pho to! pho to! pho to! pho to! pho to! etc etc... until it works.

    Like this, cheer along now!

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    It is NOT my guitar..It was first with Steves dad who remarried and her kids (stepkids) were the ones that messed it up,after the dad passed away the brother Jimmy my drummer in the 1960's got it and it has sat in a case for 40 yrs.I just became FB pals after 49 yrs of not see him I only have one picture and everyone is standing with the 61LP..I was shocked to see it ,I just told all of them that this guitar is not for fucks to play with,even at the grave site for the 50 yr reunion everyone wanted to play with it...I told Jimmy and his 35 yrs old son to not let anyone touch it,I did loosen the strings that have been on it since 1969.PS I have forgot how to post a picture here so if anyone wants to tell me how DAB will try to post the 2 pictures I do have

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