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Thread: Choosing transformers: is mercury magnetics a snake oil scheme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepukmel View Post
    Then I shoulda got heyboers and had some end bells made up painted with the big M.
    Have some decals made up. These days you can do it on your computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepukmel View Post
    Then I shoulda got heyboers and had some end bells made up painted with the big M.
    Or do something like that. You can add a copper flux band with a big M logo anytime.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdf64 View Post
    I was surprised by the tonal difference too; for the MM just pipped the Weber, it seemed to have pleasing mid range resonance, whereas yes, the Triode was noticeably less appealing than either.
    I wish he'd checked / reported on the winding ratios.
    I see the Weber and Triode are both 6.6K whereas the MM is 8k. Worthy of note is that both the Weber and Triode are fully steel enclosed (less radiation) whereas the MM is not.

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    if the transformers don't have the same primary impedance how is it fair to evaluate them? It seems that of course they would sound different

    That's like saying an orange drop capacitor sounds better than a panasonic but thte panasonic is .1uF and the orange drop was .022

    Also, and I know I'm nitpicking, but the audio example of the person playing the riff should be recorded and played back for all the different sound tests so it's actually played the same, same inflection, same volume of notes due to how hard the pick attack is, etc.

    It seems like it would be easy to play the riff slightly softer and then one OT is "warmer" sounding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsubulysses View Post
    They said in the ad that sometimes you should replace a "tired" old choke. This company should be sued and put out of business. They still don't publish any specs on their site because it's not aimed at tech people which would see through their idiotic marketing bluster in an instant. They are trying to attract the "cool, rock guitar guy," or the endlessly searching tone hound-type. So basically people that don't know how to change a plate or cathode resistor and actually adjust the sound of their amp

    Edit: two seconds on their site and I come across this. I remember I saw this a couple years ago and also got mad:

    I am no doctor but I thought ear fatigue had to do with high SPL for extended periods of time. Not if the amp had a MM transformer or not

    Edit again: I am laughing thinking of EVERY classic amp that everyone loves the sound of that doesnt' come with a MM transformer. Do any famous, legendary, desirable, etc amps actually come with MM transformers?

    Re: "It's the output transformer's job to emphasize the even-order harmonics and make tones more musical, appealing, and less fatiguing." Oh man. Heh. What was that joke post "My amp has bloom and sunshine". I wonder if ear fatigue is related to over bloom or under sunshine or both?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepukmel View Post
    I wonder if ear fatigue is related to over bloom or under sunshine or both?
    My first laugh of the day Thank you!

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