I've connected my ToneBone plexitube Hot British Distortion Pedal to a MOOER PowerBank.
first to the 15V and the power bank shut off.
then i've tried connecting it to the 12V and after a few seconds smoke came out.
Upon inspection it seems that only the capacitor got burnt -
I'm hoping that it is only a matter of replacing this capacitor.
However because it is burnt i can't know what capacitor to buy.
the capacitor definitely looks burnt but it tweets on continuity check in the multimeter.
I don't know much about electronics and can't figure out what to do. the schematics for other products don't realy help me -
The capacitor is C21 in the Plexitube Hot British Rev 0A 29-8.
I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out this otherwise I'd have to go to a propper lab to get it fixed.
I've sent a help request to Radial Engineering Hoping they'd help me.
Thank you.