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Thread: Peavey Reno (Series 400) Schematic

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    Peavey Reno (Series 400) Schematic

    MEF Members and site visitors:

    I was searching (all the usual sites) for the Peavey Reno schematic - no luck. The good folks at Peavey had this one in their inventory and I received it today. The amp dates back to 1983. It is a combo amp, with one 15" speaker. Originally, this was shipped with a 4 ohm Black Widow. But as I have learned, when the speaker's foam filter wears down and penetrates into the coil (causing damage), your only option is to replace the basket or the entire speaker. It is getting hard to find a 15", 4 ohm speaker, that does not weigh a ton, sounds good, and is affordable. So you often see these amps with 8 ohm replacement speakers. No biggie- even when 130 watts @ 8 ohms, that is loud enough!

    At some point in time, I would like to compare the Reno against the Nashville, Special, and Session amps. Since they are all sold under the Series 400 line, I would expect to see similarities. The differences may be in the front end / Preamp sections and perhaps the EQ.

    In any event, for all the schematic collectors, here you go.

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    Since the basket is removable,you can separate it from magnet and leave both voice coil and magnet gap exposed.

    Foam decomposes into a gooey mess but you have good probability to *carefully* remove it, both from coil surface using the universal rubber solvent: Toluene or Xylene.

    Or the shop could carry a little can of "contact adhesive solvent/remover/cleaner" which is a mix of both.

    I do NOT mean acetone or paint thinner, although "lighter fluid/naphta" may work ... sort of.

    Wet goo ... let it soak ... wipe ... repeat and rinse ... literally.

    Voice coil is relatively easy, gap is narrow so more complex but after 3 or 4 tries it should be squeaky clean.

    Most speakers are practically unrepairable but here being able to separate them is a big bonus.

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