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Thread: Replacement thermistor values

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    Replacement thermistor values

    Hi, I have a behringer B205D monitor that powers up but has no sound output. I've gone inside and discovered what I believe to be a blown thermistor. It looks to be a chinese one, green disc with no values on it. The behringer schematic has it as R1 with a value of 10. Am I correct in thinking that this is 10ohm and if so what can I safely replace it with so get the monitor working again.

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    Please post the schematic you mention.

    And, what does "powers up" exactly mean?
    Do any lights come on?
    Do you hear any pop/click/hiss?
    Any other sign of life?

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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    R1 is indeed a NTC thermistor with a value of 10 ohms.
    It is used to limit inrush current at startup of the unit.

    B205D schematic: B205D

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