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Thread: Darn those vintage Fender speaker mounting screws!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Thomas View Post
    This has certainly become one of the <BETTER> examples of Thread Drift in recent memory...

    Why are you surprised?

    We started with coarse reverse thread screws and ended with coarse right thread ones, ... in the middle and for sake of completeness mentioning coarse "straight ahead thread" ones , meaning those which are "screwed in" .... with a hammer , so typical of MEF we have kept out madness completely logical.

    By the way, what thread can be coarser than a couple ribs along "screw" sides?

    EDIT: as of the "transition" from (proper) left thread to (improper) right thread ones, I bet somebody at one of the "reproduction vintage parts" got a complaint from Randall : "hey, I canīt screw these in my front baffle" and they said "wtf? ... that dumb Chinese supplier must have made a mistake copying the sample we sent" and from that point on ordered the "right thread" ones.

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    This one time I didn't have a hammer, only a file & a screwdriver, so I turned all my nails into screws. S'okay, I got paid by the hour.

    Sorry, inspired by your straight-thread screws that go inn with a hammer.


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