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Thread: Vintage Gibson amp need help

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    Vintage Gibson amp need help

    Found a vintage Gibson amp for sale at a estate sale. Looks to be in fairly rough shape. I am interested in it though. I would like to know what to expect as far as what would need to be done to make this playable...also a rough idea of what to expect price wise? Thanks!

    Check out this item on EstateSales.NET
    Check out this item:

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    1) Replace electrolytics
    2) Install grounded AC cord
    3) Remove death cap
    4) Clean pots, socket pins, jacks, etc.

    There may be more. You never know until you pop the hood.

    If you want a price, I'd go to eBay and search the model. Go advanced and check the sold listings box. See what others have paid. It's worth what someone will pay.

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    The Gibson Skylark? Everything The Dude said. Tubes should be readily available and not too expensive; I'd expect a 5Y3, 6V6, & a 12AX7 or 2. I think these were pretty close to the Champ/Princeton of the day.

    DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE CATHODE BYPASS CAPS, especially on the power tube.


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    Buy that microphone next to it too. Great harp mic.

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