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Thread: Ev q66 canít identify fried component

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    Ev q66 canít identify fried component

    I recently acquired a q66 from someone. It got chili spilled into it somehow, and then I believe it was turned on and failed. The person cleaned it up but the damage was done. It sat for 6 years and now I’m in possession of it. I’ve taken it apart and found at the main board two rods sticking up but are fried. I’m extremely amateur in in electronics but have no issue swapping parts that are bad. I just have no idea how to identify what this part was to get a replacement. I found a schematic for it and think i located it but not sure I’m understanding what I’m seeing. I’m not sure how to post the schematic I this forum, I also have pics of the board and the fried mystery component. Any help or direction is appreciated.

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    It's good of you to try posting the schematic. I just use the picture icon - it does allow pdfs as well as images.

    EV-Q44_66 pwramp.pdf

    Yes a picture of the failed components is needed. If the picture icon doesn't work for you can use an external site such as oneDrive, Google photos etc and share a link to it.

    The chances are there is more to this than what you see. Without some electronics knowledge the odds are rather stacked against you. It might be better to hand it over to someone with more experience than risk making things worse.

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