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Thread: Maximum DC voltage on output of amp?

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    Maximum DC voltage on output of amp?

    What is the maximum direct current voltage that is acceptable on the output of a solid state amplifier with no signal on input?

    I am currently working on an amp where there is about 0.32 volts DC on the outputs of each of the two channels and about 1.2 volts DC output in bridged mode.

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    Weird because they donīt add up.

    And being a balanced output by definition, if first one is +0.32Vdc and second is also +0.32Vdc, *differential* output voltage should compensate and be basically 0Vdc

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    50 millivolts is a good target.

    In addition, JMF is right - there is likely something else going on if your meter is producing that answer. It's always worth investigating why your instruments tell you what they tell you, checking their zeroing, and so on. I suspect the circuit that makes the outputs bridge is doing something that mucks with their DC level somehow.

    Were you measuring all of these to DC ground? That's the only way I can think of at the moment to get those numbers, even with the shift in bridge mode.

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