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Thread: Coil split and phase wiring

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    Coil split and phase wiring

    Hi guys I'm having some issues with the wiring on my prs mira... Been over at the seymour duncan forum but literally cannot get a straight answer... Just jargon and things I don't quite understand what they're trying to say... I'll just copy my post here:
    Had some mods done on my prs mira and had two Duncans fitted... I asked for coil split on the tone and phase switch on the volume. By the looks of it the neck pickup taps to the slug coil and the bridge to the screw coil... I'm not particularly happy with the splits and just wondering what needs to be changed so that the neck will split to the screw coil and the bridge to the slug coil
    Just to clarify the red and white from both pickups are going to the coil tap on the tone and the green and black from the bridge are going to the phase switch on the volume

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    Not familiar with the Mira, pictures of the control cavity would help.
    It would all need to be rewired to change which coils are selected.
    You would need to wire one coil inside out (bridge), and the neck outside in.
    If I was wiring it, I would forget about the phase switch wiring to start with, until I had the split figured out and working.
    A wiring diagram you can mark up will also help you figure it out.
    Another simple option, is to turn the pickups around in the pickup rings.

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