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Thread: Peavey KB-100 To 1x15 Speaker Cabinet Conversion

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    Peavey KB-100 To 1x15 Speaker Cabinet Conversion

    MEF Members:

    Some of you may remember my post from 2017 - Favorite Jazz Amp.

    This year, I had another post, Building Custom Head Cabinet For Peavey Special 112.

    And now, the third and final post of the trilogy, converting a Peavey KB 100 amp to a 1x15” speaker cab. Put these together, and I have my quest for a Jazz Amp.

    As I went looking for a 1x15” open back cab, there were few choices. The Quilter extension cab was too expensive and the Peavey Classic 115e was a tad too big. For the Peavey Classic, they use the same cab as the 4x10 config but swap out the baffle board for a 1x15” cutout. The options on eBay and the internet were "iffy" too. For one cab, the seller did not give you the option to write and ask questions. Another guy wouldn't answer my questions. I was concerned with the speaker cutout size and mounting holes. So after a long look, I decided to try and build my own cab.

    The “build” really isn’t a true build, it is a cab conversion. Interestingly enough, I had a Peavey KB 100 amp sitting idle. I was thinking, I could peel back the tolex, saw off the top portion that holds the amp chassis, remove the piece that separates the speaker cab to the amp chassis, plug up the holes, cut a hole in the back, reattach the top piece with the help of some filler pieces, add some bracing, cut down the grill, add side handles, some cosmetics here and there, and voila, a 1x15” open back cab. The cab overall dimensions: 20 1/2" tall (excluding wheels), 22" wide, 12" deep, 19"x19" baffle board exposed (which remains in the dado slots from the original cab). The overall cab weight is around 45 lbs. I could probably lighten that up if I decided to use a thinner and lighter wood. But for now, at least I am not having to lift 75 lbs. Yes, I have a working KB 100 amp - that is going into a 19" wooden rack case that is 2U, 12" deep.

    I decided to go with the new Eminence Wheelhouse 200 Neodymium speaker. I needed to cut down on weight. Coupled with my Peavey Special 112 head, I’ve got a nice clean sound. I am waiting for delivery of a used Ibanez AF120 Jazz Guitar this week. That will be the real test (in the quest for a nice jazz sound).

    There you have it, two years in the making. I have some "lessons learned" written down, especially on the back side opening. But since there was no "lip", I just decided to cut a hole!! That could be fixed if there ever is a true custom build (from scratch).

    And once again, my thanks to those who contributed on the other posts with ideas and encouragement.

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    Nice job! Glad you got what you wanted.

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