I have a Morgan AC40 Deluxe in that blew up. I think a tube shorted and cooked the cathode resistor, which melted the wrap off the F&T 250uF bypass cap. The resistor measures 62 ohms, which believe is correct from an email from the builder, but the lettering is completely burnt off, so I don't know what wattage it is. I want to replace the resistor and cap since they obviously took a beating. I asked Morgan, but he didn't answer the question, only saying he would send me out a few of the failed parts (the power scale board also lost a resistor and MOSFET in an unrelated failure.) But then he hasn't sent them, and does not answer any further emails.

I have waited over two weeks, and the customer is getting eager to get his amp back. So assuming Morgan has dropped the ball for good, how do I figure what wattage Cathode resistor to get? It is a four EL84 design with a 250uF bypass cap. Looking on Mouser I see an Ohmite 62 ohm 10 watt wirewound at approx. the same dimensions. I am going to make an educated guess this will work, but am I wrong?