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Thread: Any one Dissect the EVH Wolf gang pickups ?

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    Any one Dissect the EVH Wolf gang pickups ?

    I got a set here in my personal Wolfgang that I don't really want to disassemble them ,they are quite clear sounding for such an hot pickup . PM me if you don't want to in public .

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    I got this from the SD forum.
    Don't know how reliable it is.

    Fender/EVH Wolfgang pickup specs
    Just an FYI for anyone who is interested
    So after trying and failing to find a 100% confirmed spec sheet on the EVH wolfgang pickups, I decided to go to the source and email EVH support.
    Fender/EVH support says:

    Bridge: average ~14k, Alnico II
    Neck: average ~16k, Alnico II

    Really interesting to hear Eddie went back to A2 after going with A5's in both the PV and EBMM pickups. Look to be about the same output at the PV's. But the pickups in the my wolfie don't feel all that hot; which makes sense now after learning they are A2's.

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