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Thread: Scotch tape identification

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    Scotch tape identification

    I have a large roll of 50mm wide pale green 'Scotch' tape, part #500K16103028. It's slightly rubbery, about 1mm thick and has adhesive on one side. It looks like the material thermal pads are made from and came from clearance stock of a company that sold microprocessors and electronic assemblies.

    I've searched through catalogues and emailed the supplier but no luck in identifying what it actually is. Does anyone know?

    Edit: Just realized I'd previously posted the same request but can't delete this one......

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    Scotch/3M makes a great many different types of tape. Many are green. Many are electrical, thermal or both. And green.

    With just an old part number I don't think you can make any safe assumptions as to it's purpose unless an old catalog turns up where it can be referenced. Not to mention any detriment time may have taken on it's suitability for use. Still a fun mystery, so...

    Are you sure it's single sided tape and there is no removable film on the seemingly non adhesive side?


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