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Thread: Fender Noiseless strat pickups ,Any one know the magnet polarity

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    Fender Noiseless strat pickups ,Any one know the magnet polarity

    I was going make a humbucker to go in a buddy's strat that has Fender Noiseless pickups making his S/S/S into a H/S/S strat & i was wondering what the magnet polarity is ? so i don't have any phase issues .
    From what i seen most modern strat pickups are South up wound clockwise opposite of what most tele pickups are . any one know ?
    I wound the humbucker the same a Duncan with the south to screw coil . i don't have the guitar here to test & i got a feeling i should flip the magnet in the humbucker .....Any help would be appreciated .

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    I'm thinking that the noiseless pickups are stacked coils, no idea on the mag polarity. Can't think through right now why it would matter but it probably does.

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    I have several of the hot noiseless ones laying around in my parts box. I checked two of them and they are both south up and negative phase test, which would indicate clockwise windings.

    hope this helps,

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