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Thread: Marshall MG100HDFX Problem

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    Marshall MG100HDFX Problem

    Bought this one used, sat a long time unused, said to have been played for only about 10 hrs.
    Well. When testing it, i only used the crunchy channel.

    Prob.: The clean channel started out well, than, after a couple of hours of not at all loud play (xept for one occasion), it failed in a way that it does not seem to produce any sound, even when turn up, then WHAM it hammers out loud with a lot of unclean fuzz and crackling distortion. Especially when I hammer the 6th String (E) or try to really nail it. Is there any known cause other than eventually cleaning the switches, plugs and potis? Suspicious caps? BTW, where are the output transistors?

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    power stage is a chip attached to the fan/dissipation assembly.
    Try discerning the problem by using the send and return jacks,the cd in and headphones,hear what you get

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