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Thread: Vox AC15 (TBX) general Q's

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    The latter part of this vid is what I would expect with preamp volume full up.

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    Hi g1.. yes I saw this clip prior to buying it.

    With my preamp vol up full, the -1st- part of the vid is what I get. It tallies spot-on me with you, that the ammount of OD I'd expect would be like the latter part too. Hence my thread.

    I don't suppose you can ID the latter to be preamp or 'proper amp OD' from this clip-? It does sound a bit 'fizzy/ so-so' suggestive of preamp to me, perhaps. Turning the MV up to ~3/4 to get a similar OD 'saturation', Id expect alot richer tone & sustain.. but it is a poor recording. And I can't do that here. Shame I can't see the dials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Chief View Post
    ...So do you recall trying the input volume @ max on them?
    I will have done, if only to check all was ok. If I had encountered to low gain issue you describe, I would have investigated.
    Some amps are like that, the DrZ EZG50 comes to mind as having insufficient preamp gain to get any useful degree of overdrive. But the AC15TB should be able to get a reasonable degree of crunch.

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