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Thread: GSSL Clone

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    GSSL Clone

    I've found some PCB's for build an SSL compressor. But, checking the BOM list, schematic and board, I found some differences. I've solved all of this, only for two resistors.

    The schematic on gyraf site, says MANGLER 22R - > LUS V. -15V

    Tells that they have two 22r resistors on the 7815 and 7915, but my board haven't this two resistors. What happens if I omit this two resistors?


    My board:

    I remove resistors in green, because I have a THAT 2180BL08-U.

    Resistors in red, are missing resistors or different values.


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    Looking at your pcb : the second pair of 1000uF/35V is omitted too.
    The 22R resistors you're lookinf for are the 10R resistors on your PCB.(Between bridge and 78L15, 79L15 )
    Then again, tracing the circuit is not easy just by looking at that picture.

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