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Vox AC4 AC4TV amp mods and noise reduction.

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  • Vox AC4 AC4TV amp mods and noise reduction.

    Hi folks,
    This is my first time here, and I am neck deep in guitar builds, and a very cool amp build. I have bought two Vox AC4 amp chassis. They were not working when I bought them, but now they are up and running. Both amps suffer from a high noise floor, and I am in search of knowledge concerning mods and any other improvements. I have mounted both amps in a Fender 2x12 cabinet, and I also bought two new 16 ohm 12 inch speakers. Each amp has it's own speaker, and with the room I have to the left of these little jems, I plan on adding switching, and a "patch bay" like, inputs and outputs. These guys have very clean and loud output, for four watt amps, but they suffer with the high noise floor. I have a very well stocked lab, and tubes galor, oh my. Any insight on these guys would be great, but as soon as I have this posted, I will be diving into the first amp in an effort to track down the noise source / sources.
    Thanks for reading my post,

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    oh...high noise floor is always a trouble of me too...
    I'd like to devide tube amps into 2 kinds: [URL=""]British Tone and American Tone[/URL]