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SOUNDMAN All-Tube Amplifier HEAD 100 MK I

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  • SOUNDMAN All-Tube Amplifier HEAD 100 MK I

    Hey guys, new to this forum.
    Just need some help with getting some information on the SOUNDMAN All-Tube Amplifier HEAD 100 MK I. There is not much information on eastern european pieces, so I was wondering if you lot could help me out. I'd love to know how much it's worth on average as well. It used to belong to the Eurythmics guitarist as it's back story, but hasn't really seen much action since.

    Look forward to hearing from you all.


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    Their web site is currently reported as infected so I wouldn't recommend checking it now . I know the guys (they are from Warsaw, Poland). The company exists at least 20 years and they are one of several manufacturers of guitar and bass amps in Poland. If the amp was purchased by the Eurythmics guitarist, it must have been verified. If you have some doubts, just turn the amp on and check it yourself. I wouldn't expect miracles but it was already verified by a good guitarist.



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      I'd say plug it in and assess its performance. All amps tend to be very similar inside, so things like checking the power amp stages ought to be simple enough, and preamps are probably based on a row of triodes, so we can always look for reasonable plate voltages, and cathode voltages that indicate the tube is conducting. Then we know the signal path largely involves plates to grids, unless there is a cathode follower somewhere.
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