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  • Steve Ahola's Blue Guitar site

    Today I clicked a link to Steve's old site and discovered that it has been taken over by a shopping concern related to amazon.

    Does anyone know if the site was moved elsewhere or the material saved somewhere? This is what it looks like now:

    Rest in Peace Steve, we miss you.
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    Tboy had a mirror of it at but it is not working either.

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      Only with
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        The server is offline for some maintenance right now, but I do have a more-or-less complete copy of the site at I'll have it back up and running again sometime today, but it might be intermittent for a few days while some kinks get ironed out.

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          Thatīs a disgusting squatter who registered for himself when it was "ownerless".

          To boot content is crap, fake"reviews" which are just undisguised ads,trying to capture noobs and leech some crumbs from Amazon.
          Juan Manuel Fahey