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Question about Vox AC30cc2 Reverb Tank

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  • Question about Vox AC30cc2 Reverb Tank

    Hey guys, I got a question about replacing the reverb tank in my Vox AC30cc2. I know that the Belton website has them but I was wondering if there was any easier way to go about doing this. Thanks


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    Easier than what, ordering the part?

    The Belton is a BL3EB3C1B. If you can't find one of those, replace it with an Accutronics model :
    4EB3C1B, 9EB3C1B, or 8EB3C1B

    And if those are not immedaitely available, change the fourth character to a 2. A 4EB2C1B wil work fine and have an ever so slightly shorter reverb time.
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      Ya but how do you order it, cause i tried it and you have to send a request or something.


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        You can't order parts right from Belton any more than you can order parts for a car directly from GM.

        You can order the Vox part from a Vox dealer. Or from a place like Parts is Parts who are located at And for the Accutronics versions, I'd use AES located at Those will be less expensive that Vox parts.
        Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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          Hello again, I can't seem to find it on those sites. Will different models work, cause they aren't the exact same model number but look very similar. Also, if I were to fix ripped grill cloth on the amp how could I do that? The upper left corner of the grill cloth is coming undone right below the vox symbol. Would I have to buy a whole new roll of cloth or could I make do with gluing it back? Thanks,



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            OK, so I tried the 4EB3C1B in a customers AC30CC, a new repair here with a complaint that the reverb is weak and tinny. (Not to mention it blows fuses with four bad power tubes).
            I took the tank out of the bag and removed the bottom cover.... ka-bing, two of the three springs fall out... DOH!!
            Connect the new 4EB3C1B and of course... no dice, yet the original, # BL3EB3C1B works a little even though crappy since two of the spring are broken but it still works... the other does nothing in circuit. Now I'm wondering if the new replacement is just bad right out of the box...

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              It seems from the "new" Accutronics site that there is no more Accutronics, just Belton. This really sucks because when they were two different entities there was a HUGE difference in the tone and performance of the parts. I guess there's no use complaining unless I want to try making a reverb tank from scratch .?.

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