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  • faceplates?

    I've been out of the homebrew amp community for almost ten years now, and the place I used to go for faceplates is no longer.

    Where do you all go for faceplates these days?


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    I had mojotone redo a hotrod deville once snd they did an awesome job but was pricey. I've seen others recommend places who make trophies. Me...I did my own with plexi, autocad and water decals. Mojotone definitely looked better but I am cheap.


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      Has anyone tried 3D printing faceplates yet? I have not, but I think it might work well. Maybe recessed text, etc.? I used to work for a company that built digital car dashes. The lenses were cut from colored plexi and etched with the gage label. The etched/recessed label was then filled with paint. I think the same concept might work well for amp faceplates.

      Edit: Attaching a photo for reference. The white lettering is paint filled recessed text. The blue readout is a vacuum fluorescent display.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	61HyXqnWLiL._AC_SL1254_.jpg
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      "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."


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        Well, I don't build amps for sell to the general public so I am really cheap. Here is what I do..I use a free program from Front Panel Express called Front Panel Designer to lay out the panel to scale on my lap top. Then I take the lap top to Office express and have them print the panel to scale on thick card stock. Cut the panel out and coat it with about three coats of clear coat. Put that on the chassis under plexi glass. I drill the chassis and plexi glass all together. Front Panel Express will do face plates but I have never priced them.


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          Thanks for the tip mac. I just downloaded Front Panel Express. I'll give it a whirl at next opportunity.
          "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."


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            thanks for the tip mac - will check them out!

            Thanks for the diy advice too - I'm not really wanting to do my own tho...i know it's gonna end up looking janky lol


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