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Vintage alnico hifi speakers...should I bother trying them for guitar

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    Originally posted by Leo_Gnardo View Post

    See, the speaker knows what it wants to do. "Play music thru me - hi fi that is - not too loud." Would prob'ly make a nice pair around the computer with a rudimentary stereo amp driving them. Keep looking at old tossouts, curb finds, craigslist giveaways & such. Nice old Jensens & Utahs & such are to be found there - much more suitable for your gee-tar. For instance, Magnavox hi-fi's from the 50's & early 60's often had Jensen P12R's hidden inside, a prize for sure if you happen to run across 'em.
    I've been hunting down Baldwin amps to get iron. Are the speakers from Baldwin or Hammond organs any good for guitar?


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      I've found jensens and rolas in hammonds and they worked well for a deluxe reverb I built. Another one was a field coil from a baldwin product called the organo (basically a kit they sold that transformed your piano into an organ was in a jensen piano) or something like that. I made an adjustable speaker with it . Theres a thread on here somewhere about it. It was neat to playaround with.
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        In my own experience the old full range speakers in "console" type units from Hammond and Baldwin all sound just fine for guitar. But they are generally of somewhat low efficiency. This actually makes a difference in "feel" to me. More efficient guitar specific speakers seem to keep the right tonal balance and still offer dynamics for note attack and punctuated nuances. But the the actual EQ and tonal balance seems right with almost any pre '75 "full range" speaker. YMMV
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