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  • Flux band question

    Hello. Have some ready made chassis with OT posed in very proximity of inputs and first gain tube and I wondering if using a copper flux band around output transformer will help to deal with interferences by any tranny leakage if any, please ? (Just as preemptive measure).So my question regard if a copper flux band will make any OT free of leakage or reduce the leakage to almost none please ? Thanks.
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    In my experience, using the headphone trick while orienting PT vs OT, using Fender OEM PTs with copper bands, answer is...seems just like PTs with no bands.
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      A very low resistance flux band can significantly reduce the leakage field of a transformer particularly at higher frequencies (by Eddy current effect).
      I've never seen it used with an OT, probably because OTs typically have better coupling and thus less leakage than PTs.
      It will also work with an OT.
      Can't say if it's necessary in your case. Also consider that a steel chassis provides magnetic shielding.
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        +2 on Helmholtz assesment. And especially +1 on xtian's mention of orienting the OT by the headphone method. The OT placement isn't solely dependent on it's proximity and orientation to the power transfomer. For any new layout this is best practice.
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