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I need an amp I can carry!

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  • I need an amp I can carry!

    So here is the deal,

    My main amp is a Trace Elliot Speed Twin C100. This is by far the best amp I have ever had and do not want to get rid of it. But, it is far too heavy for me to move about constantly and I live in a first floor flat...
    It is a combo with 2x Celestion G12T-75's - volume which I never use fully.

    I also have a Trace Elliot Supertramp 100w combo with a single Celestion V12-60. The electronics are extremely dodgy in the Supertramp after many years of gigging and I would happily sacrifice it for the greater good.

    My idea is to make the Supertramp casing into a single cab using either the V12 or one of the G12T's. Both speakers sound good with the Speed twin and it has a setting for working at lower outputs. I would then make the Speed twin into a head only. The Speedtwin has settings to reduce output so headroom is not a problem.

    I would still, however like the option of using the two G12T's - just in case.

    I am pretty handy so should be able to make/convert cabinets as necessary.

    Has anyone any thoughts or ideas?
    (weight-training is probably out...)


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    Make the head cab for your amp and then either make or buy a 1-12 cab or maybe two as I did. I was in Guitar Center in Minneapolis area and they had two Epiphone 1-12 cabs there for $112 each so I bought both for a nice lite speaker cab for tossing in the car and going.