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Hammond M-101 What have I got?

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  • Hammond M-101 What have I got?

    I recently came into posession of the guts from a Hammond M-101 organ.
    I've got the power amp , the reverb unit and pan, two 12" speakers and an 8" speaker. Every things looks dusty and unmolested, the tubes are all branded Hammond. I'm looking for easy guitar amp ideas. Anyone make anything out of one of these? Any ideas for a schematic on what I've got?
    Thanks, Dave

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    I think those have 6v6 push-pull amps in them. I know my M3 does. Did you also get the el84 push-pull reverb amp too? Not sure if the A-100 has that or not. If so, you got a twofer!

    If nothing else, you have transformers, tubes, sockets, and a chassis. That's more than half of the cost of a build. Are those speakers old Jensen alnicos? That's worth something too.

    A Hammond organ gave it's life to give you that stuff. It's not like they're just rolling those things off the production line anymore. Make yerself a killer guitar amp! If you have a 6V6 p-p amp on your hands, that opens up the wide world of Fender Deluxes. If you don't have one, I'd recommend this bad boy: Heck, with an old Jensen and old iron, you'll get pretty close to the original.
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      Thanks for responding, Yeah, I got the twofer alright. The reverb amp has two ECL86's, not the EL84's though. I've already cobbled together a nasty little beast out of the reverb amp, loud too, then blew the paper cone out of the 8" speaker with it. I did get all three speakers, the 8" was an 8ohm Hepner, it's out of the picture right now, I've still got the two 12" speakers, one seems to be Hepner, the other Rola, both 16 ohms. The paper cones are really fragile on these, as I found out with the 8". All the tubes are Hammond branded, don't know who manufactured them, but all are marked USA, except for the tubes in the reverb amp which are marked Great Britain. So...It looks like I'll be gutting that main chassis and scrounging parts for a 5E3 build, or something similar. If anyone has thoughts or ideas, please share them with me, there is a lot more knowledge on this forum, than I will ever be able learn in two lifetimes.
      Thanks, Dave


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