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Bogen Output transformer

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  • Bogen Output transformer

    Hello all,
    I am building an Epi Valve Junior using transformers from a Bogen AP-35. I have a mystery output transformer and i'm hoping someone might have the wire color connections. The OPT is marked 83-336-000 and -606-4-46 below that. The primary has blue, brown, and red wires; the secondary has black, yellow, and green wires. I believe the AP-35 is a push-pull, so my guesses for the colors are:
    blue/brown = plate
    red = B+ (center tap)
    black = ground/ bottom of OPT sec. winding
    yellow = 16 OHM tap
    green = 8 OHM tap

    But these are only guesses and i'm hoping someone can verify or correct me.


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    It looks like you're close. I'm looking at the schematic for a MX30A and the red is B+, blue and brown are the plates. Black is Gnd./com, yellow is 8ohm and green is 16ohm. hope this helps.


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