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Another project i found in my basement

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  • Another project i found in my basement

    I found an amp that i forgot i had. It has 2x12ax7 , 2x6gk6 and a 6ca4 rectifier. Did any guitar amplifier companies use this combination? I could convert it to el84's and use a different output transformer. Any sudgestions welcome


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    Unless it has a glaring fault, I would just make sure it's working right and spend some time letting it teach you what it does.


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      thanks i might just do that.


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        Silvertone 4733 the same

        Excuse the fact that I am a Nubee at tube amp building. With respect to the voltage in tube amps i want to get as much information before I attempt anything.

        I've got this Silvertone organ chassis with the same tube compliment. Someone before me installed jewel light, vol, tone, 1/4 input jack, but didn't make any of the connections. I need help completing the project. Any ideas?
        I can post pics.

        How does the 6gk6 sound?

        Any advice will be appreciated!


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          You should probibly post pics or if you have a schematic that would help.


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            18 watt clone?

            thanks for the reply. I couldn't find a schematic on the net. One person has converted this model to an 18 watt clone. I read the 6GK6 tubes are worth
            trying, very similar to El84 just different pinout. And they are inexpensive.
            You will notice nothing is hooked up to the original circuit yet. I don't think the transformer is even hooked up right. The signal came in thru an rca jack on the left, vol and tone should go to 12ax7 stage? Power should run from
            cord to fuse, on-off, then transformer? Output to speaker jack could go to !/4
            jack? I've checked transformers for continuity they are OK. Seems like a fun
            project to complete.
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              I would just take an 18watt schematic and adapt it to the 6GK6 power tubes. I had a little organ amp simular to you amp except it was an el84 amp . I bult a matchless spitfire amp that sounds great. If you dont like what you make you can always change it. Thats whats fun about building your own amps.

              Have fun



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                baddog, was that a Hammond reverb amp? I have one too, and I was considering a matchless lightning. If you have pictures of the chassis, I'd be very interested in seeing them. This thing is gonna be a tight fit, and I am trying to figure out a good layout efore I dive in. Seeing how you did it would be interesting.
                In the future I invented time travel.


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                  Cmonor9, It was a Hammond L122 amplifier but im not sure about the reverb. It wasnt a bad fit the only thing i can recomend is using a multi can capacitor for the B+ Filter section. I dont have the amp with me at this time. I gave it to my brother who is going to make a cabinet for it. If you want to send me an E-mail i can send you what pictures i have(click on my profile). The only thing i changed that isnt in the pics is i installed a master volume. Other than that it was an easy build. I am curently working on a 30 watt version that im adapting to an old Bogen Challanger amp with parts from an organ. Both are point to point wired. Below is a shortcut to my Weber Speaker thred.

                  Matchless spitfire
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