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Fender Champ 12 to Princeton Tweed

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  • Fender Champ 12 to Princeton Tweed

    Hi all. This is my first post, although I've been a lurker for quite a while. I've picked up lots of great ideas and tips from this site! Anyway, I had this old Fender Champ 12 that I never liked the sound of--I played with it a bit and did some mods, but it never sounded "good" to me. So I completely gutted it, and built a 5F2a circuit into the space. I am sooooo happy with it!! It works well, it's quiet, and has that instant tweed crunch. I've gigged with it twice and it puts a smile on my face.

    It was my first real build and it was challenging. But using the search function here helped me a great deal with all of the problems I encountered.

    I loaded most of my build pictures into a slideshow at photobucket if anyone is interested......

    Thanks for all of the help!!

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    I know it's been a while since you posted this, but did you consider using the original trany? I know the original used a vltage doubler to get 5oo or so volts to a 6l6. I'd like to convert my champ 12 also but not by any expensive iron.


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      I didn't consider using the original tranny at all. I found the parts quality on the original amp to be fairly inferior, and thought why settle for something I question. I decided if I was going to build from scratch, I'd pony up for some new iron. I did spend a lot for the Mercury transformers, but I am glad I did. I have now been gigging with this amp for over a year. I have gotten many compliments on its sound, and I still love the tone. Best of all, it is small and light. (And there are the bragging rights of "Yeah, I built it").**

      **It's my first and only build, and I am a rank amateur at this--especially when compared to the knowledge represented on this board.....


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        Thanks for getting back to me. I've built a P1 and an October using the great info and help at AX84. I'm probably going to try to use all the parts I can from the Champ 12 and see how little I can spend. I'm thinking I can build an HO with about 250 volts to the plate of the power tube. If that doesn't work out I'll either have to change the PT or use a voltage doubler like the original Champ 12 schematic. I'm not surprised you still like the amp. It's really cool to play an amp you built. Not to mention these simple tube amps sound spectacular!


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          great pics of your build,have just posted my 5f2a build so far and apart from the hum,i am lovin the sound of it.

          will be remounting the chassis back into its original cab and will use it as a separate head unit with a 10 inch speaker cab.cheers


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            I am impressed about your project to rebuild the champ 12 to a Princeton Tweed. I also viewed your pics on photobucket.
            I also recently baught a champ 12 and not satisfied how it sounds.
            Can i ask you some more detailed questions about your work?
            Thx in advance.....
            btw. i am Belgian, so i appolagize for my basic english.



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