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Newcomb AV1612, conversion needed

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  • Newcomb AV1612, conversion needed

    Yesterday, at the old building recovery/recycle place they had a bunch of old school phonographs...all solid state, except this one; another guy had right of first refusal...tried a harp through it and ended up going for a solid state one. I second in line, ran home grabbed a guitar, came back plugged it in, had a 2-3" tear in the speaker, pots scratchy, sounded if it has some potential...and no hum or smoke...SOLD for the price of a few latte's. So last night and today, spent time examining, cleaning, 3 prong plug installed, deoxy the pots, patched the speaker and cut an acrylic cover where the phonograph was. This afternoon, fired it up...damm the thing is intimate and this point going to leave as perfectly happy with it now...sounds like it would be really good for a old school jazz...perhaps a hollow body with a p90...guess should start looking for one.

    It has an EL84, 6BR8 pre and 6x4 rectifier, has a mic channel and a phono channel and both sound very good with a guitar plugged in...phono channel is not as loud and needs to be cranked...but sounds more like a rhythm/normal channel (but has less volume) when cranked it is cleaner and not much only question is there some riaa or resistor that can be removed or changed or perhaps modified for a different voicing?

    Anyway this is worse than going to the casino or playing the lotto...damm exciting and habit forming.
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      Sort of reminds me of the inside of a little Supro amp I once had.


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