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Newbie deciding to not high-jack a baldwin organ amp thread

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  • Newbie deciding to not high-jack a baldwin organ amp thread

    new to the board, and i need help with a baldwin organ amp. i picked it up on a whim, it has 2 12ax7's, 4 6l6gc's, and 2 5u4's. it seems to have 1 power transformer, 2 OT's (one up top and one underneath), and a choke (i think), i've wired in a 1/4" jack, and get sound but it seems grossly underpowered. perhaps 1w output altogether. also i havent been able to figure out how to bias the power tubes. ive included pictures if anyone could help identify the amp, and give an idea of what i would need to do to modify it for use with guitar and get some decent power out of it. also im curious if its push pull or single ended as ive only done preamps prior im not sure how to tell . it seems one ot feeds into the other ot. kind of a strange setup at least something im not familiar with. sorry about the resolution of the pictures, camera phone.

    thank anyone and everyone in advance

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    Cool find.
    It's a power amp so it needs a high level input to get sound out of it.
    I have one, powered it up briefly using a headphone output of a boom box.

    Will be digging into it again sometime so I'll be walking this journey with you.


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      glad someone has something similar, i have a mic preamp that i plugged into it for s&g's and the amp screams! tho i think there are 2 inputs, one for pedals (bassy) the other for keys (less bassy) please correct me if im wrong. have you any idea what you are going to do with yours? id like to build a stand alone preamp and turn mine into a guitar amp, but am not sure where to begin, if anyone has any ideas on where to get started info would be much appreciated


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        A necro thread update to say I gave myself a Christmas gift by looking deeper.
        Yes, it is truly split.
        It was just my luck that an exact matching output transformer was in the boneyard, another
        Baldwin organ.
        Took that output transformer and mounted it on the back panel and remove the HF output.

        Updated the filter caps and I am now running it as a power amp.
        Works fine and I couldn't be happier!

        Yes, I know I could upgrade it here and there, but it beats the consumer grade "amp" I was using!
        Super-versatile with the mixer connected to it.


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